I AM AWAKE! Have done "The Work" passed the tests and have Become One (Self Realized) so can now safely show others "The Way." The Truth is of all the things we pursue in life there is none greater than self realization, NONE. Not all the money and fame in "the world" can even compare. Achieving success in discovering who and what you really are is the greatest success of all bar none. My programs, courses, events, one-on-one coaching and training systems will help you close the gap between where you are today and where you need to be A.S.A.P.


THROUGH Programs that will unlock the codes to self mastery.

Luke One has spent multiple lifetimes to master the art of transformation and has what it takes to transform any situation.


Self realization, complete self realization is what Luke's programs are designed to produce. To bring a person into complete awareness of the reality in which we exist above and beyond the common mind, where true knowledge, peace and love exist outside the grip of the distortions and chaos of this physical world. With military grade discipline and fortified will Luke can help those willing to take on the most difficult quest in life and win.

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Are you concerned about the state the world is in?
Are you concerned about the current pandemic?
Are you concerned about politics and politicians?
Are you concerned about the state of world religions?
Are you concerned about money and finances?
Are concerned about racial injustice and inequality?
Are you concerned about violence and crime?

If you are concerned about any of the above then this book is for you, written to shine a light on the world to illuminate the conditions we are facing according The Truth unfiltered, so we may all finally understand why the world is the way it is and make a choice- between the way things are now and how things are supposed to be.

The life we've all been given was given for a reason, IT IS TIME we discover what that reason is and honor it accordingly because THE TRUTH is there is no god, government or religion above THE TRUTH.

In Illumination, Luminos illuminates the Sun the giver of life, life itself, its true origin, how we got here, how we became what we are today how the major religions were formed who formed them and why The Truth matters.

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