HIS Story

Luke “Luminos” Hru One is a Leo rising in Scorpio born in the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana. Stolen from his biological mother at birth he was raised by his paternal great grandmother, grandmother and later by his aunt and her husband in Ghana where his early life started. His basic education began at the Prince of Peace Academy a roman catholic school and St Augustine's college. In July 2000 he migrated to the United States to join his biological father Charles, his wife and two children. Six months later he enlisted in the US Navy and went on to serve for 8 years as a Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman(medic) before transferring to the US Army where he completed his military service honorably after 11 years.

On a quest for the truth and healing from his war injuries he found solace in the Amazon Jungle where he spent a year healing and learning about plant medicine with the indigenous jaguar people and Mother Nature. Here is where his deepest truth was revealed and he discovered his connection to nature, the Sun, the Universe and his destiny. This discovery is what led him to create this “space” to help educate those who choose to awaken.

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His educational background is in medicine, combat medicine. After much study and many years in college he chose to become awake and aware instead. Mindfulness, philosophy, Divinity, Spirituality, wellness and mindful psychology are the fields he specializes in allowing him to gain deeper insight into life and the mysteries that surrounds it. Having studied the illusions of his mind, body and spirit he has deciphered it, harmonized all the polarities within himself and has Become One. His mission now is to help others who are interested do the same. Peace is his primary mission, light is his path and love is his truth. His first book 8404 Rivers of Babylon is his war story written to help the world understand the true nature of war. His second book ILLUMINATION was written to help educate the human race about Light and the reality we are currently in to help us all understand ourselves more. Connect with him to learn more.