my Mission

Greetings, 👋I Am One, Luminos One, The Shining One.

Born in Ghana he moved to the United States in 2000 and went on to Join the US Navy and served for 8 years as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman(medic) attached to the Marine Corps before transferring to the US Army where he completed his military service honorably for an additional 3 years. Due to his experience in Iraq during the OIF war he embarked on a quest to find the truth that led him to self realization. After discovering himself he chose to help others do the same especially war veterans who are lost. He now runs Bright Star Global an organization dedicated to illuminating, healing and restoring humanity so this world may finally know peace, lasting peace. He also trains uniformed services men and women on mindfulness and spirituality to help them cope with the stress of their profession.

Educated in human design, spirituality, Global Security and Conflict resolution.


One is

A Passionate coach dedicated to The Mission to restore Light within humanity.

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What I Offer

Mental/Spiritual Coaching.

Using lessons learnt from my military service, coaching training, lessons learnt through my life and knowledge activated from multiple spiritual initiations I educate and guide those struggling with mental health challenges to overcome those challenges and heal.

Health/Strength Coaching.

I'm an active person who trains a lot who completed US Navy, Marine Corps and Army Basic training became a personal trainer and worked for 24 hour fitness and LA fitness for 4 years. With experienced gained from this career I help clients build strength in themselves and maintain it.

leadership coaching.

I'm spiritually awake and aware and have activated accumulated knowledge from multiple lives as a spiritual teacher and leader. I use this knowledge which is solar to help guide those interested in developing and tapping into the higher, spiritual aspect of leadership.