ILLUMINATION is the process of activating the light within you to bring you into your true power. It breaks you FREE from the miseducation of society, the brainwashing of false beliefs, the chains of mental and emotional slavery and the cage of fear and control. It unlocks your solar blueprint, opens your eye, heals your mind/pineal gland and empowers you mentally and spiritually.

It gives you the code to activate your true awakening. IT IS NOT RELIGIOUS NOR A CULT but your true state of being the only place where you can find your true happiness, your true purpose in life and your soulmates and twin flame. Sign up and lets get to work.

A Master Teacher and warrior built by powerful life experiences from multiple lives, military schools, real wars, shamanic and professional life coach training, what Luminos brings to help clients are knowledge and tools capable of breaking through all challenges and winning the most difficult wars in our lives. His specialty is helping clients overcome the impossible fueled by the power of light. Sign up to begin.