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ILLUMINATION - The First Step Towards Spiritual/Higher Awakening.

THIS COURSE/PROGRAM IS DESIGNED FOR THOSE BORN UNDER THE SIGN OF LEO, but can also benefit anyone interested in waking up their higher self, the lion within.

By far the greatest healing that any living being can ever recieve is spiritual aka mental aka higher awakening, the process that causes the higher version of who you are to wake up. That process begins with ILLUMINATION an event that occurs within you that is similar to sunrise. That event is first initiated by becoming educated about the principles and pillars of illumination as presented in the free course below. This course sheds light on the most important pieces of our reality beginning with demystifying, deciphering and personifying the most important of all the heavenly bodies in our sky, the star that powers life itself without which life cannot exist on this planet.

  1. What you’ll learn in this course are,
1. What the Sun really is and how important it is.
2. What life really is and how important it is.
3. What the mind really is and how important it is.
4. What the eye really is and how important it is.
5. What the levels of consciousness are and how important that knowledge is.
6. What the belief systems are and how they began.
7. What the 9/11 attacks meant and how important that is.
8. What reality is and how important it is.
9. What the truth is and how important it is.
10. Who we are and how important we are.
11. What illumination is and how to use it.
Due to how powerful this program is and how it works I’m offering it in two levels, level one is free and self paced and level two is guided with my assistance. The final piece is a shamanic journey into the science and art of light  conducted as plant medicine retreat offered after completion of the two levels of the course.
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Does Practice Make Perfect?

How much does the mind affect performance?
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Beverly’s Story

See how Beverly overcame her fears and restrictions to achieve new levels of happiness.
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Master the Game of Money

80% of wealth is psychology, 20% is mechanics. Does your belief structure align with financial success?
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To continue the course and be accepted for the program enroll below to take the complete full course with instructions and guidance from me personally.Through my online school. I also offer free coaching to help you navigate this journey safely.