A Course On Mental Healing.

Luminos One.


To Help You Awaken The One, The Higher Self Within.

So It Can Help You Win The War Being Waged For Your Mind.

Course Benefits.

Learn About The Vibrational Difference Between Light And Darkness.

It begins with learning the TRUTH about the two primary powers that feed this whole reality and how the two influence your life. Understand how important this knowledge is and how to apply it to your life safely.

Learn About LIFE And How Importnat And Powerful It Is.

Life is the most importnt piece of all existance and understanding how important and powerful it is, is a major step towards healing. In this course we learn about life on a higher level and how it operates in this reality.

Learn About The Mind And How Important And Powerful It Is.

The Mind is the command center of your reality. Understanding how powerful it is and the main levels in which it operates is a major key towards healing it. This course takes you beyond the common mind and illuminates it.

One On One Coaching (Beyond The Free Course) includes:

  • One on One sessions with Luke One.
  • Journey into a deeper aspect of the mind and learn how to master and heal it.
  • Help with topics like relationships, relieving anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD.
  • Guidance with meditation and practical tools for applying mindfulness in your everyday life
  • Access to my  private community where we work and learn as a team.